Bed number 3 is a 10 minute Wolff System that can be set twice. It has it’s own air conditioner built in for those times you just don’t want to get too over  heated.   

Bed number 2 is  a 20 minute Wolff System  bed with hot bulbs, an osculating fan, and face tanning!

Bed number 1 is a 12 minute Pacifica with a face tanning option with built in fans.

Tanning Price List:

One visit: $8.00 plus tax


The customer customizes their package on the base price of $1.00 per visit plus $7.00+ 10% tax

Example: 30 visits= $37.00 + $3.70 tax= $40.70

20 visits=$27.00 + 2.70 tax = $29.70

15 visits= $22.00 + $2.20 tax= $24.20

Packages  do not expire! Families can share packages!

No discounts on tanning.

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